Innovation Lab
for Sustainable Ventures

Redesign Lab I Venture Studio

We partner with businesses that the planet needs today

We co-create, reorganize, and scale the most promising ventures for the market, planet and community, together with high-impact entrepreneurs.
Co-creamos, reorganizamos y escalamos las compañías de mayor potencial para el mercado, para el planeta y las comunidades; junto a emprendedores de alto impacto.

Review our 2023 Impact Report

Reflections on our journey designing the businesses the planet needs, today.

How our companies are transforming the planet.

Cómo están transformando el planeta nuestras compañías.


Portfolio companies


Reforested hectares


Benefited communities


CO2 (Tn) captured


USD Turnover

We are your partners for impact businesses scaling.

Somos tus socios para el escalamiento de negocios de impacto.

Growing an impact business is hard.
We make it easier

Growing a business is a lonely endeavor, but with the right community and support, it is possible to scale effectively.
El crecimiento de un negocio es un desafío solitario, pero con la comunidad y el apoyo adecuado, es posible escalar de manera efectiva.

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs and independents

  • Acquire more customers and increase revenue

  • Digitize your business processes

  • Free up your personal time and increase productivity

  • Clarify your value proposition and business vision

  • Grow your brand and online presence

  • Increase the profitability of your operations

  • Enjoy the process of growing your business

  • Conecta con otros emprendedores e independientes

  • Adquiere más clientes y aumenta ingresos

  • Digitaliza los procesos de tu negocio

  • Libera tu tiempo personal y aumenta productividad

  • Aclara tu propuesta de valor y visión de negocio

  • Posiciona tu marca y presencia online

  • Aumenta la rentabilidad de tus operaciones

  • Disfruta del proceso de crecer tu negocio

We're looking for impact entrepreneurs

If you are looking for a partner that unleashes the full potential of your startup, let's talk.
Si buscas un socio que desate todo el potencial de tu startup, conversemos.

Our companies are changing the planet, step by step.

Nuestras compañías estan cambiando el planeta un paso a la vez.

How we will transform your company.

Cómo transformaremos tu compañía.

1. Business model development

2. Go-to-market activation

3. Fundraising strategy

What makes us different.

Qué nos hace diferentes.


Incredible Ideas & People


Great Teams & Business Models


Our Portfolio for Synergy


Company in the market

Our Glocal Partners for Impact Businesses in Latam.

Nuestros aliados globales para los Negocios de Impacto.

Venture Studio

Designing new businesses

Designing what the planet needs today

We are a glocal team of strategists, designers and entrepreneurs, joining forces with the most ambitious businesses. Together, we imagine tomorrow's products, services & businesses — and create them today.
Somos un equipo global de estrategas, diseñadores y emprendedores, uniendo fuerzas con las empresas más ambiciosas. Juntos, imaginamos los productos, servicios y negocios del mañana y los creamos hoy.

Our Drivers

Nuestros Factores clave


We work with entrepreneurs with an impressive background who are looking to make a positive impact on the planet through sustainable businesses.
Trabajamos con emprendedores con una trayectoria impresionante que buscan generar un impacto positivo en el planeta a través de negocios sostenibles.


Innovation is transforming the current economic model, creating fairer, more circular and sustainable business models that benefit everyone.
La innovación está transformando el modelo económico actual, creando modelos de negocio más justos, circulares y sostenibles que benefician a todos.


We must urgently and systemically act to transform our production and consumption patterns if we want to create a sustainable world.
Debemos actuar de manera urgente y sistémica para transformar nuestros patrones de producción y consumo para crear un mundo sostenible.

How we build new companies

Cómo construimos nuevas compañías.

We create together

We test fast & smart

We keep it simple

  • Cutting through the noise and bringing new perspectives.

  • Backing up big ideas with deep research.

  • Transforming opportunities into prototypes.

  • Leading with empathy and delivering on impact.

Our companies are changing the planet step by step.

Nuestras compañías estan cambiando el planeta un paso a la vez.

Regenerative Agriculture

Cotton Nation

Cotton Nation is a leading company in the supply of organic and regenerative cotton in the Peruvian rainforest, whose purpose is to transform the best cotton on the planet into the best cotton for the planet.Are you interested in doing business with this company?

Non-profit organization

Rainforest Legacy

Their purpose is creating a lasting legacy that inspires present and future generations to love, respect, and preserve the Amazon rainforest, safeguarding its unique biodiversity and promoting sustainable development.Are you interested in doing business with this company?

Traceability Solution


It is a company that seeks to humanize the way brands build trust with consumers, using blockchain technology for product traceability.Are you interested in doing business with this company?



Ecovive is a Peruvian company that produces and delivers healthy products based on Peruvian biodiversity. Its mission is to offer our customers high-quality, nutritious and sustainable products that contribute to improving their health and well-being.
Are you interested in doing business with this company?

Biotechnology Company

Neo Fibers

Startup focused on the development of biomaterials for the industry.Are you interested in doing business with this company? Soon we will have more news

Fishery Company

Fundación Omega

Company specialized in the development of value-added products from fishing residues.Are you interested in doing business with this company? Soon we will have more news.

Community Building

Circular Club

We are a community of leaders committed to the circular transition. We generate multi-platform spaces for the learning and connection of the future leaders of Latin America.

Textile Innovation

El Telar Hub

We connect the most innovative textile companies with the best startups, global fashion brands, and other organizations committed to solving cross-cutting challenges from the field to the final customer.

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Tailor-made Solutions

Design better businesses

Designing what the planet needs today

Redesign Lab is an innovation lab, designing products, services and businesses needed today for a sustainable future.
Redesign Lab es un laboratorio de innovación que diseña productos, servicios y negocios necesarios hoy para un futuro sostenible.

Transforming sustainability challenges into competitive advantages.

Transformando desafíos de sostenibilidad en ventajas competitivas.

Innovation & Technology

Climate Change & Net Zero

Circular Economy

Discover our sustainability solutions

We [re] design businesses to generate a positive impact on the planet.

Rediseñamos negocios para generar impacto positivo en el planeta.

Climate Action

Net Zero Emissions SBTi

We work together with Intercorp's Financial Platform and other companies to establish Net Zero Targets and design the corporate Climate Strategy proposal.

Circular Transition

SMEs Circular Accelerator

We designed the acceleration program for the circular transition commissioned by PROMPERU to work with 40 small and medium-sized companies in the food, fishing, aquaculture, and textile sectors.

Impact Businesses

B corp to B chain for Textiles

We work together with 6 Peruvian textile companies to achieve the B corp certification of the first textile value chain, from the farm to the brand.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative certification

We are partners of the Cotton for Life project for the certification of cotton cultivation under the organic and regenerative standard, leading the global supply of the most sustainable fiber for the textile sector.

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Impact Report 2023

Reflections on our journey designing the businesses the planet needs, today.
Reflexiones sobre nuestro viaje diseñando los negocios que el planeta necesita, hoy.